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It's been a long time coming. But now it is here!

We Make History is all about Christian-principled, family-friendly, faith-driven education that is creative, inspirational, interactive and centered on history and the arts. We believe in and have seen the life-changing, faith-strengthening and character-building value of inspirational history creatively applied.

Since 1999 We Make History has made history come to life for families, schools and communities!

In 2006, after much prayer, We Make History expanded to the East Coast with a focus on Virginia. And though in subsequent years we have expanded our service on the Atlantic Seaboard beyond the borders of the Old Dominion, Northern Virginia (NOVA) remains our base for We Make History in the Eastern United States.

We have gradually expanded and continue to expand toward offering the full range of We Make History activities in Virginia and beyond as we pursue our mission of faith-based, educational service toward families, communities, schools, homeschool associations, churches, historic sites, patriotic events and more.

We have held many of our famous We Make History Historical Balls in Virginia such as our Old Virginia Ball, Grand Magnolia Ball, and Old Virginia Harvest Ball. Our Historic Balls are clean and wholesome for families and are known nationwide not only for the beauty, pageantry and educational value of the various historic settings but also for encouraging and developing grace, respect, the ideals of ladies and gentlemen and other much needed character qualities and values that carry forward beyond the historic ballroom and into the day-to-day world of the 21st century. More than that, We Make History Balls convey joy! To quote one of our participants "I smiled so much that the next day my face hurt."

We are in planning to reproduce our unique American Heritage Festival in Virginia as well. This educational, uplifting and patriotic event has introduced tens of thousands of families and students to inspirational aspects from several centuries of our national, military, social and spiritual history that we proudly share as Americans.

Did you know that historical reenacting can be family-focused and family-friendly?

We Make History utilizes historical reenacting of the American Revolution, Civil War and other time periods as a tool not only for historical education and appreciation of those who have gone before us but also as a means for character-building, faith-strengthening, community service and bringing families together in a wholesome and beneficial pursuit.
Our family friendly reenacting group is growing rapidly on the East Coast as men, women and children from Virginia, Maryland, DC, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee and other states find a home with us as reenactors and living historians interested in serving through education while in a clean, family oriented environment.

As soldiers and civilians we portray both sides of the American Revolution, the War Between the States and other time periods as well. Our 1st Virginia Infantry / 2nd Virginia Infantry (1861-1865) has achieved national renown and is regularly invited to the best East Coast events and has enjoyed participation in many fine reenactments in Virginia such as Manassas, Chancellorsville, Cedar Creek and New Market to name a few. In the summer of 2011 we were blessed with the opportunity to portray the 2nd Virginia Infantry and 33rd Virginia Infantry of the famed Stonewall Brigade at the Sesquicentennial (150th) Reenactment of the Battle of First Manassas. We currently have before us invitations to participate in special 150th Anniversary events such as the 150th of Stonewall Jackson's Valley Campaign and look forward to the 150th of Gettysburg as well.

We do have our own stock of uniforms, historic weaponry and accoutrements which allows us to train and involve a number of "new recruits" at any given time for both sides of the American Revolution and the Civil War.
If you would have an interest in joining us please see this page and also send a note telling us about yourself and your interest. We'll get you in the communications loop and help you to become involved.

We Make History is well known for portrayals of historic Americans such as George Washington and has had the opportunity to serve schools, historic sites, churches, organizations and special events with this creative, interactive and inspirational educational tool.

We have enjoyed organizing local educational living history days on the East Coast and doing educational support work for a number of important historic sites.

Historic Touring? "Colonel Scott" is a licensed Williamsburg tour guide, has relationships with a number of historic sites and enjoys taking groups and families on meaningful and enjoyable excursions into American History.

We've also begun The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe, an educational and inspirational challenge designed to help young and old maximize their explorations of Virginia's history while participating in We Make History Virginia field trips, tours, special events and activities.

And there is much more to come as we continue to build the We Make History Vision on the East Coast and bring more and more family-focused, historic educational opportunities to our many friends in Virginia, the birthplace of America.

Why do we do this? Our desire is to provide wholesome, multi-generational educational and recreational opportunities, to recreate and encourage the best aspects of our cultural heritage, to make positive use of the arts and to create an atmosphere and environment where a level of grace, respect and gentility are expected and exercised to a much higher degree than the current culture around us. In fact, by making inspirational use of our heritage and the arts we are able to positively impact lives. Through changing lives we change our culture.

Thus... We Make History!

To learn more about the We Make History vision we recommend beginning with the following pages.

Our We Make History Main Page

History for Families: All About We Make History

Family Friendly Reenacting: Everything we do is family oriented, clean, purposeful and done with the highest standards.

The 1st Virginia Infantry: Our Award-Winning, Family-Friendly Civil War Reenacting Group is active in both Arizona and Virginia.  The 150th anniversary of the Civil War is ongoing. We are recruiting Virginia Gentlemen! Ladies & Children are very Welcome too!

George Washington  The Father of our Country is available for speaking engagements and support of historic sites and events.

Historic Portrayals  Meet a great character from a past time!

Support Our Heritage  Helping history to come alive!

The Knights of the Golden Horseshoe  An educational expedition into Virginia History!


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"History has to be burned into the imagination before it can be received into the reason."  Macaulay 1847

















































We Make History of Virginia & The East Coast

Family Friendly Reenacting

The 150th anniversary (Sesquicentennial) of the Civil War or War Between the States has arrived and we have been invited to participate in particular roles in a number of the key events. Our family-friendly American Revolution and Civil War reenacting group is accepting both military and civilian recruits. Civilians may be of either gender and any age but must be clothed as per "every day wear" of the Civil War era. To reenact as soldiers gentlemen must be of valor and good character, at least 14 years of age, able to learn and able to take instruction. (The age requirements are 13 for musicians and standard bearers.) We are able to train these gentlemen to join our large faith based, family-friendly, nationwide reenacting group as soldiers of George Washington's Army, Royal Welch Fusiliers, 1st Virginia Infantry, 2nd Virginia Infantry and 1st Minnesota Infantry, participating in historical reenactments and community service oriented educational living history days. We do have our own stock of uniforms, reproduction weaponry and accoutrements which allows us to train and involve a number of "new recruits" at any given time - on a first come, first served basis. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to be trained and take part in 150th anniversary of the Civil War battle reenactments and other living history and educational activities. Contact us asap if seriously interested, telling us about yourself and requesting details as we will be portraying unique and exciting roles in a number of campaigns and training to our high standards is absolutely necessary. Also please see this page and this one too.



























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